Your 5 Must Have Travel Essentials

Travelling is becoming more and more popular with millennials and Gen Xer’s. Therefore in order for you to have a smooth trip, we have come up with a list of 5 essential items to carry with you. Whether you are going on a road trip or taking a flight, these items will definitely come in handy.

Toiletry Bag

You can’t leave home without it! In this, it would be important to carry things like a toothbrush & mini-toothpaste, deodorant, lotions, sunscreen, body wash and shampoo if necessary, chapstick and perfume. This bag will contain all the fundamental items to help you to freshen up whenever you need to, especially if you are away from a shower or if you have a long flight.

Mini first-aid kit

Inside this it would be helpful to carry non-aspirin painkillers, antihistamines (if you have allergies), antacid, bandages (for minor cuts), motion sickness candies, and even mild laxatives/anti-diarrheal medicines. These can ensure you have a smooth flight/road trip especially if you are prone to car sickness. As well as take care of any minor injuries, leaving you with nothing to worry about throughout your trip.

Hand Sanitizer:

You never know what you get into contact with when on the move or how many germs are on the things you touch, such as handles, other people etc. Hand sanitizer is a convenient item to travel as it allows you to kill the germs present on your skin. This comes in handy especially if you are not able to access a sink or soap; helping you avoid bacteria and viruses.


Technology has become part of our everyday lives. In order to keep in contact with our family members and what is happening in the world, or to capture moments e.g. with a camera, our devices have to have charge. For that reason you would need to have with you all the chargers you need, be it for your phone, laptop, camera etc. Portable chargers would come in extra handy, just in case you might not have access to a charging outlet.

Comfortable shoes


Whether you are traveling by road or by air, comfort should be at the top of your list. Therefore it is a travel essential to be wearing or to carry a pair of comfy shoes, a pair that you would not mind walking in for long amounts of time. A pair of shoes that allows your feet to breathe and has room in case your feet swell would be ideal. For example, sandals, comfortable sneakers or slip-ons.
Njeri Kariuki

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