Chocolate Hour at Mӧvenpick

Where were you chocolate lovers this past World Chocolate Day? I was at the Mӧvenpick, Nairobi enjoying their Chocolate Hour! World Chocolate Day sometimes referred to as International Chocolate Day is celebrated annually on July 7th. There have even been some references that suggest that on this date people were celebrating the introduction of chocolate to Europe in the 16th century; which would explain why it is celebrated until today.

Macadamia and milk chocolate nuggets

The chef’s presented us with various kinds of chocolate dishes, all scrumptious and extremely delicious! Some of the items on the menu included: White and dark fondue, macadamia and milk chocolate nuggets, baileys white chocolate bars, creme de pot and rum and milk chocolate fudge and a lot more.

Chocolate caviar
















If this all sounds too rich for you, let’s not forget some of the benefits that chocolate offers such as, promoting healthy heart functions, protecting arteries and even prevention of tooth decay.

Creme de pot
Swiss chocolate shake
Pastry Chef, Nancy

However, there’s no need to feel like you missed out. Head on over to the Mӧvenpick Hotel and Residences, Nairobi for their signature Chocolate Hour which takes place every day from 4pm to 5pm. It truly is a great experience!

Njeri Kariuki

Content Writer

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