What to do when you lose your earring stopper

One of the most frustrating things in life – losing your earring stopper. It is also one of the most common things that can happen. Worse still, is if you lose your stopper when you are out and about and can’t grab a stopper from your earring collection. That’s what happened to me today when I was heading to work. My earring’s completed my look fantastically, and all of a sudden the earring stopper on my right ear decides to come loose and I left it somewhere behind on the street.

I had two choices; either run the risk of looking weird the whole day with just one large earring on (and act dumb like I didn’t notice the other was missing) or just go without earrings.
Well, I chose neither and instead used this old trick I learned while in high school. I took a pencil eraser and cut off the end bit, large enough to act as a stopper, and guess what – it worked!

What other useful hacks do you know? Leave a comment letting us know.


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