Top 4 Things You Can Do in Kilifi, Kenya

The buzz of tuk-tuks and matatu’s (public transport minibuses) cashing in on the morning rush is just one of the first sights you see when you arrive in Kilifi town. The coastal Kenyan town is known for it’s pristine, white beach, the Kilifi Creek, and the Giriama community. Kilifi serves up the right mix of culture, adventure, and wanderlust.

Bofa Beach

Bofa Beach is the hidden gem of Kenyan beaches. You’ll instantly be drawn in by the allure of the white, sandy beach, and miles of peace and quiet when you just want to enjoy a swim in the Indian Ocean and bask in the sun undisturbed. You can enjoy several beach sports such as beach volleyball, surfing, football and more. The beach is located only 3 minutes from Kilifi town, and you can easily get there by taking a tuk-tuk.

Bofa Beach in March

Giriama Village and Paradise

The Giriama community is one of the ethnic groups in Kenya that largely live in along the coast. Immerse yourself in their community by taking a tour of their village with a local tour guide. If you are interested in the flora and fauna, you’ll be given a breakdown of the plant life – what plants are great for healing common colds, or snake bites. As you complete the tour, you can take a sip of Mnazi (coconut palm wine), made by the locals. The drink will be served complete with a tree branch straw that filters out any impurities. Giriama Paradise overlooks the Kilifi creek and is perfect for a quiet sunset dinner.

The view of the Kilifi creek from Giriama Paradise

Snorkeling in the Indian Ocean

If bobbing up and down in the water by the beach is not enough, you can take a snorkeling trip in the Indian Ocean. The ocean life is vibrant with sea urchins, coral, harmless jellyfish and beautiful fish.


Bioluminescence at the Beach

Dip your feet in the water by the beach at Distant Relatives Ecolodge and Backpackers, and watch the bioluminescence come alive. Known as the “stars below,” bioluminescence is the emanation of light by living organisms such as plankton when there is motion around them. The sight is amazing.


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