Lamu Tamu

The sand began to burn my toes, as I waddled into the ocean (yes waddled, because I put on some weight, and suddenly I feel like a penguin). It was really hot, but bearable. the boat helmsman near the shore motioned for me to join their fish-eating festivities. I didn’t since I had just enjoyed a really delicious pesto crusted fish fillet which was oven baked snapper with a mouthwatering pesto topping and salad, prepared by the chefs at Diamond Beach Village, Lamu.

Pesto crusted fish fillet
At the entrance into Diamond Beach Village

Lamu was good to me, for just a weekend trip, it was peaceful. As soon as I landed, I took a boat to Manda island, where Diamond Village is located, and you can access Manda only by boat. Every boat captain or sailor enthusiastically mentioned how safe, peaceful and calm Lamu is…a song we, as Kenyans, commonly sing to the international community about our country. And they do have cause to keep saying it, considering the towns close proximity to Somalia, and with a couple of attacks in some areas, even I was a bit on edge about visiting here alone. But, with all the cultural festivities and adventure the town provides, all this beckons a travel enthusiast to visit.

The common modes of transport on the island – boat and donkey
The Lamu Market in town

Diamond beach village is just as I imagined from the photos on the website, a mix of beach and boho culture fused with the laissez-faire Lamu culture. Upon arrival, there is no ceremony like where you have to walk into the reception area of a hotel to check in, instead, having booked via Airbnb, I was greeted on the beach and escorted to my room for the weekend.

Outisde one of the rooms at Diamond Beach
Late afternoon volleyball on Manda Beach

The eco-lodge, which has been running for 17 years, is conscious about the environment in Lamu and guests are reminded to be mindful of how they use water since there is no fresh water on the island. The nights are extremely quiet, and the stars lighting up the sky is a sight that is always amazing to see.

Things to remember to carry (because even I forgot some!)
  1. Sunscreen
  2. Hat
  3. Swimsuit
  4. Mosquito ointment
  5. Sunglasses
  6. Sandles
  7. Light clothing
  8. Kanga
You must try:
  1. The fresh Diamond beach village homemade ice cream
  2. Homemade pizzas and Jumbo prawns


Skyward Express (cost can vary) – from Ksh12,800 (return for 1 adult)

Diamond Beach Village (Bed and breakfast for 2 nights) during low season -$37 (Ksh 3,700) per night

Activities and Food – The cost depends on how you’d like to specnd your visit, but Diamond Beach Village is always ready to advise on the cost of various activities.

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