Dreaming of Maputo

Imagine the humidity cuddling you like the teddy bear you used to sleep with. The cool breeze carries with it smells of barbecued fish by the sea, and the white sandy beach stretches out for days – that is the image that constantly fills my mind when I think back at the time I spent in Mozambique.
Sunset by the Indian Ocean. Notice the ferry taking people to another island.

I also think about the time I spent with my best friend, Nelza who was preparing for her wedding at the time. She was such a gracious host, so if you’re thinking about touring the country you know who to talk to (via me of course).

Maputo is a gorgeous city along the coast of the Indian Ocean. The people, who are super-friendly, mainly speak Portugues, as the country was a former colony of Portugal. However, that doesn’t stop them from making friends with English-speakers – I think they really love it too. Plus, since it is largely inhabited by Bantu people, there are some who even speak Swahili, or you can hear some words that were borrowed from Swahili.

Graffiti at Hero’s Square, Maputo

The food, as you can imagine, is made up of a lot of seafood. I quite enjoyed it. From grilled lobster to fried fish, my mouth is literally drooling right now thinking about it all. A common local dish consists of fried fish, rice, and coconut kale as the greens. I couldn’t get enough of the creamy kale together with the crunch of the fried fish.

Eduardo Chivambo Mondlane served as the founding President of the Mozambican Liberation Front from 1962.
Maputo train station in the sunset.

I had such a lovely time in Maputo, and if you’re thinking of going (which you must), you can ask me all the questions you wish in the comments.


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