Cycling Through Karura Forest

If you don’t like any sort of physical activity, then this post is probably not for you. If you like nature though, then you can continue reading. Or, if you’re looking for a cool place to chill over the weekend’s in Nairobi, then by all means, continue reading.

Karura Forest is located a couple of minutes away from Nairobi CBD. You can drive to the gate either on Kiambu road (entrance is across from Sharks place or across from CID), or the one on Limuru road.

Alternatively, you can take a matatu, no.100 from town to Kiambu road or no.107 for Limuru road and ask the touts to drop you at the Karura Forest entrance. It is a short ride from town.

It’s good to note some of these things, especially if you’re Kenyan and you procrastinate about exploring your city – I know, because I tend to do that, thinking that “since I’m here, I’ll go around my city/country eventually.”

Entrance charges are Ksh100 for adults, Ksh40 for children (Kenyan Citizens) and if you would like to rent a bicycle, it’s Ksh500 (for 2 hours). Parking is free on the Kiambu road side, however I believe they charge if you want to park inside the forest.

The trails are well marked inside, so you can’t get lost. Important phone contacts are also posted at various signs in the forest.

The views are amazing, and the bike trail is even more fun. And, make sure you do a couple of stretches before you begin, otherwise you could wind up like me, with a butt that hurt for days!

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