The BOMBER Jacket: Still a Yay or Nay?

The bomber jacket made it’s debut back in 2015, when it’s sister – the varsity jacket, starting making waves in the fashion scene. And then in 2016, the bomber jacket trend really hit, with every celebrity wearing their version of it.

The bomber jacket was initially worn by aviators and eventually found it’s way on the runway, as it adds the extra edge to any simple outfit.

The bomber jacket I have on is lightweight, so is more so for fashion, rather than something I can put on when the weather get’s super chilly. I loved the maroon red color since I tend to have loads of black sweaters or jackets in my closet.

Even though I paired my bomber jacket with a pair of jeans, the jacket can be styled with skirts or dresses and heels. My best bet would be a black cocktail slip dress, sexy strappy stilettos, and red lips.

So what’s your verdict on bomber jackets? Yay for the trend to continue or nay?

Location: Ventana Restaurant, Bidwood Suites

Bomber Jacket:

High waisted jeans: Mrp Kenya


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