Best Places to Have Tea/Coffee in Nairobi

Before I even list my favorite places to drink tea or coffee, my absolute favorite tea is definitely shags tea. There is something about drinking fresh cow’s milk, boiled over a charcoal stove, and drank from a metal tin cup while breathing in fresh country air that is so delightful and sweet. The experience is not fully had unless the tea is brought straight from the pot and scorching hot – just so as it slightly burns the tongue as it is sipped.

Did you also know there are over 24 million ways to make a cup of tea? I’m not going to delve into that now, but below are a few of my favorite spots to sip on some tea or coffee (and you might be able to find a variety of brewed tea/coffee options in these restaurants and cafe’s).

  1. The Conservatory at Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club

Perfect for a relaxed Sunday afternoon. After swimming, enjoy a warm cup of tea and a choice of fresh cakes or cupcakes from The Conservatory’s bakery.  The Windsor has maintained the same standards over the years so whether you visit them tomorrow or month’s later, you can expect the same great service and quiet ambiance.

The Conservatory – Windsor Golf Hotel & Country Club. ©BKenya

2. Artcaffe 

Aside from having an extremely popular happy hour, Artcaffe is essentially a coffee shop and bakery. I particularly crave their berry cheesecake (and there’s never enough for one serving). The atmosphere is always pleasant and I love the simple black and white decor – fashioned after European bakeries. My favorite Artcaffe location is the one at Garden City. Try their Chai Latte or their strawberry kiwi tea for something fruity and refreshing.


3. The River Cafe in Karura Forest

Good food always tastes better after a workout, and after an early morning walk in Karura Forest, the tea at The River Cafe tastes amazing. The spectacular view of the forest is like icing on the cake. The service is wonderful, and to avoid any disappointment, make sure to call ahead to reserve a table.

The River Cafe at Karura Forest

4. Urban Coffee

Although the cafe can get slightly noisy during peak hours (like lunchtime), it still is a great spot to have a cup of coffee. Nestled on the ground floor of 197 Lenana Place, Urban Coffee is a great chill spot for early morning tea or coffee and they have a great club sandwich too. Don’t forget to ask for their WiFi password, compared to most restaurants in Nairobi, their WiFi works great.

Urban Coffee

Where do you enjoy your tea or coffee? Let us know in the comments.


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