9 Things to do when you are Bored AF

Have you ever been at home and don’t know what to do with yourself? Like at around 1:15 pm on a hot Saturday afternoon, I’d be like now what? We go to work or school all week, waiting on the weekend and sometimes it’s just ‘meh’. I was like, why? Why am I bored? I waited all week for this. Free time. A lazy day. Then one day I changed my mind. I wanted more and a few years ago I came up with a way to make sure I would never utter the words ‘I’m bored’. Well it’s a whole list, enjoy!

Things I do when I see boredom creeping in:

  1. Listen to new music. Try something you have never heard before. Go on YouTube. Type in Tibetan music, something. Anything. Listen to Radio Citizen – any station you have never tried before. Give yourself a chance to enjoy something new.
  2. Run your errands. Yup, do it. Get it done.
  3. Get out of the house and walk around. Look around your neighborhood. I recently found out there’s a guard at a nearby estate who picks his nose for long moments at a time and has crammed people’s faces and when you want to pass through that estate, he will not open the gate. At all. Like ever. I’m not the only one who has experienced this. It’s like his thing.
  4. Crafts. We’ve all read that somewhere. Try a DIY project and if you’re good at it, who knows, you can turn this into a side job. Or your main job, let’s be honest.
  5. Watch your favorite movie (Again). I like movies that make me cry so I just let it all out. I mean, I already know what will happen but it’s like a new experience each time. Can’t explain it.
  6. Organize your music library, get it cracking. Now, my iTunes can sometimes get overcrowded and I only listen to a few playlists most of the year so I back-up my music then just have the ones I listen to regularly on deck. This can also go for your movies folder, phone contacts and actual library. Share your books with people you know will relate. It spreads the joy.
  7. Read a book (Or more articles). I love 2 topics, anything natural and spirituality, so I end up spending hours researching on a topic like, what’s the best way to get benefits from turmeric to boost my digestion or something like that. I can spend hours going over books and reading stuff online. I enjoy it. So, find what you love and do more of it.
  8. Go out and spend some time in nature. I like to walk so I’d look for some place that has trees and lots of green around. We spend so much time in buildings, I feel like we lose our connection with the outside world. Plus, some random guy on YouTube said the same thing so it must be true.
  9. Sleep. I feel like most of our time in Nairobi is spent in traffic or just being around other people and we do not take good care of ourselves. ‘Always on the go’ type of life can wear you down. Take some time to rest. Doing nothing is so underrated.

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